Health, Safety and the Environment


We are committed to providing a healthy, safe and environmentally sustainable work place at all times. All of our safety management systems have been personally written in house and have passed all government and client audits to date.

Our safety systems are developed in consultation with all managers, supervisors, employees and third-party persons involved in undertaking any high-risk construction activity
and encourage open positive communication with all persons involved in undertaking the task.

We closely monitor our systems for change and conduct regular reviews to identify site specifc needs and constantly changing operational requirements as projects evolve.

Our Safety Health and Environment plan includes copies of all certifcates of insurance, company policies, safety and site-specifc documents.

All employees and supervisors are provided with or given access to the following safety systems:
• Company Inductions
• Site Specifc Safety Health and Environment Plans
• Safe Work Method Statements and Handover Certifcates
• Weekly, Change of Task and Post Incident Toolbox Talks
• Incident/Environmental Report Forms
• Scaffold Inspection Checklist
• Onsite Safety Data Sheets
• Machinery, Plant and Electrical Registers
• Training Registers
• Lifting Registers
• Harness Registers
• Scaffold Tie Registers